Saturday, March 13, 2021



(written 7/31/2014)


Something woke me once again

Changing the direction of destiny

Bending the path of a stream

Affecting the results of the toss


Without a question the winds rose

The clouds parted and the stars shone

As the ultimate one exhaled breath

Perfuming hope into fresh ideas


Then …


Stepping onto the magic carpet

Fear and doubt drifted below the opened door

Imagination deepened cultivating floral riches

In, amongst and slightly under the shadow


Not doubting the reality of the

Effectiveness and efficacy with which

Truth births and light marries darkness

I follow the omniscient whispers


All the while …


Cats are prowling and purring

While an owl calls in the dawn and

A fresh song of sweet blossoms

Wafts in under the dimming night


Another day is illuminated

Embracing barefooted perspectives

From the dewy grass

Now growing in a new direction


Carpe Diem

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

AUM - Ultimate Spring

Locked away below the thought of light
Bare remnants of life remained

Beyond the dark side of the farthest star
Sight stretched lingering

Entranced by a whisper of words unknown
Journeys crept watchfully with vigilance

Fueled by Ashe and desire
Made ready by will and intent

Flames of hope pulsed rhythmically
Calling smoke, breath, and passion-ate

Flora emerging within the Green Man
Wrapped and entwined – tendrils and leaves

Life rejoining eternity … restored
Eyes saturated in Love’s memories


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Horse is not a Watermelon

Trees are what they are. 
Everything in nature is ,,, naturally speaking … what it is.
There is no toil or struggle or doubt. 
There is no self-induced bondage. 
There is only the full freedom of expression
      the full trust of being taken care of and,
            the extreme joy of allowing it all to be what it is.

An Oak tree doesn’t try to be a Maple tree. 
A horse is fulfilled being a horse and not a watermelon. 
I mean, being something other than they are
                                                  is not even questioned!  
There is no guilt.
A carnivorous eagle does not writhe in self-loathing because
      it is not a nectar-drinking hummingbird.  

Maybe it’s time to let go
       and be taught by nature
            (even though it’s not quite ‘apples for apples’)
even, just a little bit …
… all you have to do is listen.
It’s free.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


“What?” Seriously, I was standing staring out my kitchen window at the rain (and all the beautiful green shades of nature), cup of tea in one hand, a strip of nice crispy bacon in the other when I noticed ‘them’ speaking to me … asking, “How many times were you burned at the stake before it ‘dawned on you’ that you needn’t be?”  Wow.  Alrighty then … my answer flitted through as, “As few as possible, I hope.”  And then, I saw myself during one of the times when that act was in progress and the warrior in me triumphed.  I knew that I knew that I knew that I could! And, I did … triumph, that is.

Eventually there are moments when the realization occurs that there are other options ... other realities … other ways to experience our lives.  Why not? Humans are designed with the ability to mature through and within each lifetime.  For me, I imagined the ‘fire’ as ferns being blown by the wind, and I walked away filled with gaiety.  Another time it was as downy feathers and I giggled because they tickled. I knew that my dragons/angels were at the ready to remove me from the peril (notice that I didn’t say ‘my’ peril – please avoid owning the emotional attachment to and the perceived reality of situations you find yourself in – that seemingly small word ‘my’ is like glue).  

So many things are at play here.  Maybe I acted as the victim long enough and finally got sick of it so I just quit (no longer attracting that scenario)!  Maybe I saw through the illusion and created a new experience in the midst of it all.  And/or, maybe I ‘just’ opened the door in front of me and walked through the doorway becoming the ‘I AM’ that I am, I am, I am … to name a few.  Cells in my body resonate with the sense of freedom those loosed bonds from other lives have signaled. The smell of the smoke awakens hope, strength and courage to move forward in this life.  I CAN play with fire if need be!

Now, ‘the fire’ might not look like flames rising from the timber these days, never-the-less the challenge might be quite similar.  Regardless, the opportunity to ‘become’ rides along the same pathway. As I awaken to the gifts of remembered lessons I endeavor to implement them accordingly.  I choose to contemplate those situations and things about myself that ‘burn’ me, see the ferns and feathers, and let myself (yes, allow myself) to be free … including the freedom and gratitude to take another go at it if I feel I could ‘take it up a notch’.

May the fires of this season’s solstice ignite new growth in all living beings and may we play with inflamed gusto!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Thoughts traveling on breezes
tickling memories from
some … place that has
always been and forever will
be a part of the breath
that is

Sit up listening and aware
while engaging the art of
‘not listening’ in case
listening too hard
stops the act of hearing …
while the tickling continues

Friends from in between places
that have always been known
are communicating … towards us
or amongst themselves,
continuing conversations,
passions, loves and wisdom

Catch glimpses of the
white shadows they/we are
seeing the unseen that is see-able,
interpreting illusions of our own
impeccable ‘imaginated’ reality of
the embracing circumstances
that calls itself ‘our life’

Things pour out and
come together in ridiculous
patterns and waves so
making sense of it
becomes a sticky web
and in the distance
we see that the spider
… is coming.

Giving up the fear of ‘is’
and ‘is not’ of ‘what’
and ‘what not’,
how that looks or
might not look …
sprays lovely peanuts
on the path
for the elephant

What? Right! Exactly!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I see you
Always seeing you
Always near … closer than near
The aspect of you - that is divine - is me (us)
Never blind
Always always present

Aware of who you are
Freedom personified
The light of life … alive
Knowing, expressing, uninhibited
Progressive evolution

Around the fire
Eternal and omniscient
Being of the GREAT ‘I Am’
Illumined and bright and alive
In command

I see you dancing around the fire
… and, I am dancing in you …

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We are sitting together
on the most beautifully snowy mountain
that you can imagine …
only we are not cold.

We sit facing each other as
though sitting on a tropical beach
 … warm and comfortable.

The solitude embraces us
as we trance into the eyes of the other.

The wind blows gently
And the smell of the snow
and the distant pines
is refreshing.

We speak without talking.
We listen with ease.
And the information
you ‘hear’ soothes you.

You re-member
in this sacred space …
the love you’ve yearned for –
it caresses the essence of your being
and miracles
… the miracles that have always been there
are experienced.

These miracles
drift welcomed into
your cells and into
the spaces between your cells
and you accept the gifts.

In this bliss
you choose to remain and place
your next footfall - gratefully -  into the
warm bountiful snow …
and smile.  You know.